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For a more ethical tourism, with less impact and responsible with our resources.


For some time now, at Agua & Piedras, we have been thinking and implementing small actions to generate less impact in our activities.

In 2022 we were able to realize an idea that we had been dreaming of for some time: the installation of SOLAR PANELS, which allow us to generate part of our electricity consumption, with cleaner energy and reducing our carbon emissions.

The investment has been large, and in times of uncertainty it is always more difficult... but we are convinced that this is the way forward and that every new decision must try to generate a more environmentally friendly tourism.


One of the decisions we made some time ago was to try to reduce as much waste as possible from our services.

The main concern was single-use plastics, materials and formats that are difficult to recycle and end up in the sea.

That is why at Agua & Piedras we replaced the old plastic wrapping and packaging amenities, which also produce a lot of waste, with refillable dispensers for shampoo, conditioner and shower gel.


Reusable glass containers are a more environmentally friendly alternative, and help us reduce the amount of waste in our services.



We know that the ideal is to reduce the amount of waste we generate. But we can't always choose which products to buy when alternatives are scarce.


That's why one way to help generate less waste is to RECYCLE. In our Bay there are private recycling initiatives that allow us to separate waste in a useful and effective way.

That is why at Agua & Piedras we separate all the waste that can be recycled (glass, cans, plastic containers, cardboard and clean paper) and we invite you to help us during your stay at the hotel by using the containers in the common areas for this purpose.

We all benefit from recycling.

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